The Value of Remembrance

Lump Sum Lottery Reinvests the Decisive Moment With Value

The Value of Remembrance

New York-based photographer Bonnie Briant insists on doing things a little differently. In her upcoming book, Lump Sum Lottery, released in the United States on April 13th by Italian publisher Damiani (and already available in the UK and Europe), Briant focuses her notable talents towards the reinsertion of the immediate and irreducible into 21st century youth culture. Gauzy and grainy; light-flooded and tonally indulgent, the work takes a self-described "21st Century Ennui" and insists on its romanticization. Here, negligible moments become points of intrigue, while the otherwise swiftly-forgotten becomes indelible.

In turn, Briant's practice takes the snapshot aesthetic of the 2000s and turns it on its head – at a time when every moment is captured for the public, Briant's style focuses not on a moment's capture, but instead its remembrance. In light of today's ability to snap (and post) our every waking moment, Lump Sum Lottery's foundational enterprise is to reinvest the "decisive moment" with sentimental value – value, which in our times of endless scrolling, is otherwise lost.

Selections from Lump Sum Lottery have been featured below (Images Courtesy of Bonnie Briant):

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