Marcus Aitken's "Now+Never"

Soft Punk Magazine is proud to announce Now + Never, a virtual solo exhibition of five new works by London-based gestural artist Marcus Aitken

Marcus Aitken's
SP4, Corner

While this project was undertaken as a collaboration with Soft Punk prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the coming of the first lockdown necessitated a change of tack from Aitken: left in solitude and uncertainty while continuing to work in his studio, Aitken took the opportunity to reflect and react to his circumstances, circling around a lost sense of time and dislocation. Both of these themes are communicated in the title Now + Never; we think back to entire lifetimes happening in mere days, while hopes for the future seemed dashed irreparably.

Now in the second lockdown, the conditions that led Aitken to produce this body of work are once more upon us, forcing us to again find order in our social, economic, and governmental chaos, or perhaps find ways to express our internal disorder while being confined by rigid regulations. Made unmistakably contemporary to the current moment by renewed restrictions, the work on display encourages a look to the past in order to make sense of the future, while capturing the rawness of frustration in the present.

Produced on industrial plywood with the artist’s signature, probing style — using brighter tones to underscore more sinister, muted colours — Now + Never stands as a coherent body of work from one of London’s most promising young artists.

SP 5, Side

To enquire about a catalogue, please contact Jacob at

Additionally, we asked Marcus to produce a playlist in commemoration of the event, which you can find below:

Now + Never Print, Available in the Soft Punk Market

Finally, Soft Punk, in collaboration with the artist, is proud to offer a limited edition print in an edition of 50, available for purchase through the Soft Punk Market.

Marcus Aitken

is a contemporary artist living and working in South London who uses a combination of layering, distressing and blending to present a multifaceted surface to his work. His background in design has developed his artistic style creating cutting edge abstract works with vibrant and exciting sculptural elements. He has shown in exhibitions internationally and had his work featured by various publications.

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