Holding onto Our Dimension by the Thinnest of Threads

LA-based visual artist Frances Waite turns the nude figure on its head – and lights it on fire

Holding onto Our Dimension by the Thinnest of Threads

There is something ineffable about Frances Waite’s work, but that in itself – a word to describe having none – seems to not do enough. One could be forgiven for recognising her work, but not being able to place it – she has received significant exposure in the art hubs of London and New York, but is also responsible for the album artwork of popular electronic group POLIÇA’s most recent full-length release. Of course, her frequent return to the nude form is memorable enough, but still, her sketches – pencil and paper remain her medium of choice – are brimming with potential that is hard to forget; they seem to be holding on to our dimension by the thinnest of threads, always ready to move past the bounds of reality, or more aptly, break free.

Perhaps it is the recurrent flame imagery that primes the viewer for each scene to quickly become a fiery inferno, or the alert, if not inviting gaze of Waite’s sitters, particularly in settings of great vulnerability, that suggests a kind of existential slip into fantasy. No matter, Waite’s scenes, at once sultry and lustful, do not shy away from fantasy’s (read: desire’s) pernicious undertones: sensuality becomes brusque, if not self-serving, while the human form is shown with a realist paunch and fumbling approach. In turn, what is made recognisable and alluring is equal parts foreign and disenchanting – all while remaining magnetic.

Butt Suds
Feeling Smooshy
Hot Tub
Knock at the Door
Too Splashy
Okay Shush
Dirty Grout

Frances Waite

is an American artist whose works on paper have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Her subversive approach to photorealistic graphite drawing has been recognized in notable arts and culture publications, including Vogue Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Fukt Magazine for Contemporary Drawing, and Vice's The Creators Project. In 2018 Frances was included in Vogue Magazine’s World 100, recognized as one of the most influential creators of the year.

Frances is an alumnus of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. In 2015 she graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Drawing. Born in Rochester New York, she currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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