Casual Intimacy – Alfie White

The London-based photographer gives the decisive moment a South London flair

Casual Intimacy – Alfie White

Few have the instinct for casual intimacy in the way that London-based photographer Alfie White does. Often assuming the role of bystander, White imbues his street photography with a sense of serendipity – we feel like we, too, have stumbled into this moment of closeness. This is true, of course, of his romantic imagery, but extends well into his platonic figures; White’s lens is largely disregarded, seemingly capturing snippets of life thought to have gone unseen.

But even in his portraiture, there remains something transient. In a window or a mirror, at a kitchen table, focus seems fleeting, with life outside of the viewfinder eagerly creeping in at the edges (a couple holding hands; socks on a radiator). White knows well that life moves quickly; through his lens, he reminds us that this is no excuse to stop looking.

Alfie White

’s work explores the nuances of everyday life, focusing on moments of emotion and human intimacy which he finds meaningful. Alfie works on predominantly 35mm Black & White film which he develops, prints, and scans from in his bedroom/makeshift-darkroom.

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