Sitting Deer

Sitting Deer

I wipe my grandfather’s piss off the
toilet seat under chopped deer, hooves
handing me paper towels and the uncle
sam plunger paces my gloves around
the bowl whose screams reach signposts
pasted on flower plasters and ceramic
frogs bead their eyes to my hair whistling
around trees where his grave sits happy,
waiting for the strike and the last piece
of popcorn striked to cereal to be whole
sour milk that waters potted flowers
and the deer may visit but he’s stained
to the plaque preparing disappointment
against the deer that lives better on the wall.

Emma Glauser

is a poet based in the Chicago suburbs. She holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from Lake Forest College and is currently enjoying anything the midwest has to offer. This is her first published poem to date. 

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