Taylor Byas Takes Us to Bop City

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Taylor Byas Takes Us to Bop City

A brand new playlist from the Ohio-based poet (and future contributor) Taylor Byas. Taylor’s intimate and at times devastating work interrogates the complexity of intrafamilial relationships, and the burdens one generation passes down to the next – in other words, it’s a must-read for anyone who’s interested in contemporary poetry.

But Taylor leaves the hard work to her writing – this playlist is BOP CITY.

Taylor Byas

is a Black poet and essayist from Chicago. She currently lives in Cincinnati, where she is a second year PhD student and Albert C. Yates Scholar at the University of Cincinnati. She is pursuing her degree in Creative Writing (Poetry). She is a reader for both The Rumpus and The Cincinnati Review, and the Poetry Editor for FlyPaper Lit. Her work appears or is forthcoming in New Ohio ReviewBorderlands Texas Poetry ReviewHobart, Pidgeonholes, The Rumpus, SWWIM, Jellyfish Review, Empty Mirror, and others. She also loves hugs.  

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