Sofie Praestgaard's Bubbling Beats

Playlist 003

Sofie Praestgaard's Bubbling Beats

We’ve been leaning a little art-heavy in these Quarantine Playlists to start out, so let’s bring it back to center with a playlist from the wind beneath our wings, our resident hard seltzer provider, and most importantly, our inimitable Art Director, Sofie Præstgaard. Clearly, her impeccable taste in design translates to her taste in music.

Sofie Praestgaard

is an artist from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, now living in Philadelphia, where she works as a graphic designer and illustrator. She uses drawing, photography, and printmaking to examine, pull apart, and translate images. Sofie has art directed several magazines, previously collaborating with Jacob on We Ask No Other Emblem — a 'zine on tattoos and their people. Her work deals with little things that are actually big things, and things that everyone feels.

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