Untitled Series – A Series

Untitled Series – A Series

Darius by the Pool, 2018

Bushwick Street Peppers (Brooklyn, 2018)
I Hate My Job On The Starship Enterprise (Eustis, FL, 2018)
Untitled (2018)
Late Lunch (Mexico City, 2019)
Frieda As Cactus (Mexico City, 2019)
Sam Broadway

is a 30-year-old, downwardly mobile, and, as yet, still poorly read, white, former Peace Corps Volunteer who spent time in Seattle to no avail before exiting his coke phase and completing several acid trips, in addition to his master’s degree in Journalism and Africana Studies at New York University. Though he practices journalism, he is primarily an essayist, writing on a variety of topics including: psychedelia, neoliberalism, African politics, socialism, and culture. Having had more than 25 at his young age, Sam would very much like to never again have a job. He does not use social media and is beginning to scorn all who do. Sam’s work can be read in such publications as: Africa’s a Country, Jacobin, The Review of African Political Economy, and several others he would rather not name.

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